My final challenge

Hard work to do the editing: a day and a night! And hard to show everything in a short time, but the result is there and I’m happy because we can see all my campaign, all the energy during two weeks !
Thank you everyone: family, friends, my support… I had a great time with you guys!

Such a good adventure!

Now, we have to wait until next wednesday !


Hélène Flautre

She is a member of the european parliament, group of the greens.
It was important for me to have a support from someone who is implicated about protection of environment.

Hubert Huchette, mayor of Fromelles

Hubert Huchette, Mayor of Fromelles
He did a lot for Australian people.
We can see on this picture, the Australians Memorial Park with the sculpture “Cobbers”.

As the fighting ceased at the Battle of Fromelles on 20 July 1916, hundreds of Australian wounded lay in no-man’s land between the lines. For these days and nights men ventured into this area, despite enemy fire, to bring in the wounded, often carrying them on their backs.
One soldier who was particularly active in rescuing the wounded was Sergeant Simon Fraser, 57th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, from Byaduk, Victoria. On one foggy morning, as he was out bringing in wounded, Fraser heard a distant call “Don’t forget me, cobbler”.
Fraser, and others, went back again into danger and brought this man and another wounded man safely in.
The courage and compassion which Australians showed at Fromelles in looking after their wounded comrades is commemorated in the sculpture “Cobbers” by Peter Corlett in the Australians Memorial Park. It depicts Sergeant Simon Fraser rescuing a wounded man of the 60th Battalion. This unit suffered greater loss than any other Australian unit at fromelles. When the battalion assembled for roll call only 106 men answered their names out of 887 who had gone into battle on 19 july 1916.

Making of

Thank you everyone for this great time!

Eric Sikora

Eric Sikora is a former footballer from France. He spent his whole career at RC Lens (famous french club), and now he is the coach of this team.
I was so impressed to see him because when I was young, I played soccer and Eric Sikora was one of my model.
Thanks to this adventure of “Best job”, I talked to him and that’s a great gift!


Big gathering in my little town for my video!
Great time with everybody: family, friends…all were there!

Karine Baillet

Today, I met Karine Baillet, she is a adventure racer.
Karine has done race all around the world, during 20 years.
She won with her team the most difficult raid in the world “Raid Gauloises” in Vietnam in 2002: 1000km in 6 days.
And she went in Australia for a lot of races.

It was an honor for me to meet her, she is such a model for me.
Sport and nature, that’s all !

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