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My final challenge

Hard work to do the editing: a day and a night! And hard to show everything in a short time, but the result is there and I’m happy because we can see all my campaign, all the energy during two weeks !
Thank you everyone: family, friends, my support… I had a great time with you guys!

Such a good adventure!

Now, we have to wait until next wednesday !


Making of

Thank you everyone for this great time!

Video Report

Video Report for Grand Lille TV

Vote for Aurelie

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Many thanks to you !!!

My video application


Best Jobs in the World !

More than 600,000 people from 196 countries around the world expressed interest in Australia’s “Best Jobs In The World” campaign.
And the crazy thing is: I was shortlisted into the top 25 to be the next Park Ranger in Queensland!!!!

In total, there are six “dream jobs”.
All the applicants here:
This is really AWESOME, I never thought I’d be in the list…so you have to believe in your dream !

To follow my adventure:


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