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On the first page !


National french TV

Today, I received a call “Look, your report is now on TV!!!” said the journalist who came in my home yesterday to make the video report.
And it’s national french news, so pretty famous in France, I was so happy because we can see my family and friends who support me.

Check it out here:

French TV

Live with WEO TV

It was my first interview in live, pretty scary before going on the set but it was great! Time goes so quickly! I met wonderful people there.

Newspaper article


Two articles in that newspaper, now, i think people know me !!! 😉

On air with “Metropolys”

On air with “Metropolys”

On air with “RPL”

On air with “RPL”

On air with “Contact Fm”

On air with Contact FM about a topic: “What is the best job in the world?”

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